Our Publisher

Danny Glover has 30 years of experience as a journalist, having spent most of that time covering Congress for leading Washington, D.C., news outlets. Over the past 15 years, he has developed an expertise in online publishing and social media strategy. He is currently a contract writer-editor at the Federal Aviation Administration, a role that fostered his interest in drones and in earning his remote pilot’s certificate.

Drone Book is Glover’s latest entrepreneurial effort. It is an independent project of Tabula Rasa Media, LLC, Glover’s strategic communications consultancy. He also owns Airscape Photography, a drone services provider based in Northern Virginia. The FAA has authorized Airscape Photography to fly at night and in the airspace around Manassas Regional Airport.

Upon earning his remote pilot’s certificate, Glover explored various drone marketplaces and pilot networks in order to gauge their value for promoting Airscape Photography. All of these websites had drawbacks, from costly membership fees or revenue-sharing agreements to imprecise search functionality and confusing user interfaces, so Glover decided to create the pilot network he envisioned.

A long-time blogger and recognized expert of that medium, Glover incorporated a blog into Drone Book to give himself a personal forum for writing about drones and fellow drone pilots. He also tracks drone industry news on Drone Book’s social media channels. Email your questions or comments to him.

(Photo credit: Cedar Box Photography)