Drone Book, The Aerial Imagery Network, is the connecting flight between U.S. drone pilots who are looking for assignments and clients who have aerial projects in the works.

Our networking environment caters to both sides of these business relationships. Aerial service providers can create “pilot cards” to promote their businesses, and project managers can pitch their proposals in “pilot wanted” ads. The Drone Book community is organized by state, empowering our registered users to tailor their pitches precisely.

Each pilot card must include some basic marketing information: 1) a brief description of the drone pilot and/or company; 2) the primary website or social media channel; 3) an email address; 4) market areas and aerial services; and 5) some idea of pricing. Pilots also may indicate their insurance coverage and provide links to their various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo).

Only drone pilots certified by the Federal Aviation Administration may promote their services on Drone Book. To create pilot cards, our users also must confirm that they fly FAA-registered unmanned aircraft systems.

Property agents, construction project managers, insurance adjusters, utility providers, farmers and others who register at Drone Book have two ways to find drone pilots. They may explore the pilot cards in our state directories, or they may tout specific projects in job listings so pilots in our community can approach them.

The other core component of Drone Book is our blog, Drone On. Our registered users can go there, or subscribe to the newsletter version, for the latest drone-related news and features. Among other content, we profile drone pilots, publish reports about fascinating drone missions, and share interesting aerial photos and videos.

Please follow Drone Book on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Send your questions and comments to the publisher, who is an FAA-certified drone pilot (Airscape Photography) in Northern Virginia.