July 22, 2017

Our publisher (and Airscape Photography owner) Danny Glover is taking advantage of a long weekend in his home state of West Virginia by snapping aerial photos with his Phantom 3 Professional. The picture above was taken along the Ohio River in Paden City. The factory in the upper right is Marble King, the town’s most famous manufacturer in the modern era.

Here are some other shots taken from the town park, including photos of the docks, the small campground adjacent to it, the pool, one of the baseball fields, and the north end of town.

July 20, 2017

By K. Daniel Glover The latest Innovation Scorecard from the Consumer Technology Association grades all 50 states based on their drone laws. Arizona, Georgia and Michigan are at the top of the drone-friendly list because of their efforts to harmonize laws statewide. States like Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, on the other hand, are creating rules […]

July 9, 2017

New technologies have a way of stirring both fascination and fear in people, and drones are no exception. The fascination is evident in the growing popularity of drones; the fear is obvious in the occasionally sensational news coverage. The latest example of bad press came Friday when South Carolina prison officials implicated an unidentified drone […]