Beehive Bases For Delivery Drones

June 23, 2017
Beehive Bases For Delivery Drones

The innovative minds at are on display in the company’s latest patent application for delivery drones. The proposal features a series of futuristic images that depict what the companies drone ports might look like, and one of them is shaped like a beehive.

The Verge broke the story, including this summary of the application:

Amazon described how “multi-level fulfillment centers for unmanned aerial vehicles” could help put drones where they’re needed. The application notes that due to “their large footprint,” current warehouses are located “on the outskirts of cities where space is available.” But multi-story drone centers could be built vertically, rather than horizontally, allowing them to be placed within “downtown districts and/or other densely populated urban areas.” And, of course, making them high-rises would let the drones fly in and out without getting dangerously close to pedestrians at street level.

Here are more illustrations from the patent application: