Drones: A ‘Big Idea’ Worthy of Harvard Business Review

May 16, 2017
Drones: A ‘Big Idea’ Worthy of Harvard Business Review

You know you’re industry has hit the big time when the Harvard Business Review is calling it a “big idea,” and drones reached that pinnacle this week.

The magazine published a comprehensive look at the drone economy from the perspective of a man who is part of it – Chris Anderson, the CEO of 3DR who coined the phrase “smartphones with propellers” to describe drones. Anderson’s essay describes the transition of drones from their beginnings as pricey military weapons to their present as cost-efficient, multipurpose tools.

Much of the attention these days is focused on futuristic visions of drone deliveries or the present popularity of aerial photography and cinematography for real estate. But Anderson, whose path to drone executive began as a father/son project using Lego robots, said the real value of drones is in the data they can collect and analyze.

“The market for data about the physical world is as big as the world itself,” he wrote.

He looks forward to the day when drones won’t merit the attention of a publication as august as Harvard Business Review. That means they will no longer be cool; they will just be practical — the best way to get a job done.

Read the whole piece for Anderson’s in-depth insights.