The U.S. Drone Pilot Population

April 7, 2017
The U.S. Drone Pilot Population

If you want to know how many drone pilots are certified to fly in your state, sUAS News editor Gary Mortimer has the answer in visual form. He used the CARTO platform to create a map based on the FAA’s database of drone pilots.

Mortimer incorporated the map into a story about the 10 states with the most drone pilots. Not surprisingly, the states with the largest populations tend to have the most pilots and vice versa. California leads the way with 3,687 pilots, followed by Florida with 2,752 and Texas with 2,666.

Based on the numbers available as of this month, the other states in the top 10 are: New York (1,122), Colorado (1,029), Washington (998), Georgia (981), Ohio (978), Virginia (970) and Arizona (855).

Rhode Island has the fewest drone pilots — only 53. Other states near the bottom of the rankings are Vermont (84), South Dakota (99), Wyoming (102) and Delaware (118).