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November 8, 2019

By K. Daniel Glover The timing of this week’s inaugural National Drone Safety Awareness Week is perfect from my perspective as a drone pilot. It comes right after my first FAA-approved flight inside what is usually a no-fly zone in controlled airspace. The operation reinforced to me the agency’s commitment to integrating drones into the […]

August 9, 2019

By K. Daniel Glover Drone pilots across the country are getting their requests to fly in controlled airspace reviewed more quickly thanks to a new approach implemented in FAA service centers last fall. The agency relocated the tasking to review airspace authorizations to subject matter experts in the service centers in Georgia, Texas and Washington. […]

February 20, 2019

By K. Daniel Glover When you’re fighting cancer, it helps to know your friends are there for you. Leo Zambori has a whole host of them who showed their support in a creative way. They retained a volunteer drone pilot. More than two years later, Zambori still cherishes the memory, according to his mother. “The […]